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Why Choose Herry Engineering?


With more than 20 years of expertise in this industry, Herry Engineering has built a reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of Rubber products, Gaskets, Seals , Industrial Cloths and more ...


Our Clients are our main focus and reason why we are one of the market leaders. By having commitment and dedication towards you is the basis for our growth and recognition.


All products are done in-house with qualified technicians. We make sure all machines are up to date with the current market and are always looking our for innovative ways to excel at what we do.


In the new every changing business landscape, it is vital that we listen to what our clients need and to always be there for them. We believe that this unity with our clients enables a mutual benefit that is the key to success.


Our quality control team is very stringent on the quality of finished products and ensures premium products delivered to our clients successfully each time.

We Deliver

Our expertise in this industry over the years have allowed us to derive processes and checklists to ensure all delivery schedules are always met and delivery promptly on time.